Rafi Martin | Germany / France

Blocken und Schlagen (AT) [Blocking & Punching (WT)]

Bild eines Bühneraums und eines großen Bildschirms, die den Tanz einer Person mit einem Boxsack zeigt
Wed. 12.05. – 18:00
live from Experimentiertheater
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ca. 30 min
without words

Object Theatre | Video

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The body as material into which norms are etched – the body that can deal blows and take them – the body as repression of will – the body that has internalized punches, self-defense and resistance… “Blocken und Schlagen” shows human bodies that are socialized as female, but identify as queer, trans or intersexual. Two of the actors are professional boxers who have been practicing Thai boxing, English boxing and kickboxing for several years in Berlin’s Seitenwechsel or Boxgirls e.V. clubs, and one is a puppeteer experienced in the martial arts.

The objects of this training – sandbags, bandages, mouth guards, dumbbells and jump ropes are included and play their part. The sense of weight and counterweight can be experienced. Using the tools of contemporary puppet theater, Rafi Martin examines solidarity, eroticism, adrenaline and ecstasy. Violence is implemented to reinforce the search for a personal, collective, feminist gender utopia, as a witty game that attempts to create new depictions, stories and references. The actors elaborate a choreography between the materials and the bodies that provokes visual and political reflection and a surge of hormones.

Rafi Martin studied puppetry at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (HMDK) in Stuttgart, and visited Erlangen within the scope of the Young Forum on several occasions. In 2019 he appeared with the Tangram Kollektiv in “Ein Fisch im Weltraum” at the international figuren.theater.festival.

Following the performance will be a discussion in English, moderated by Professor Dr. Bettina Brandl-Risi of the Institut für Theater- und Medienwissenschaften of the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg.