The cities of Erlangen and Schwabach have set themselves the goal of achieving climate-neutrality by 2030, and the cities of Nürnberg and Fürth aim to achieve this by 2040 at the latest. Their cultural offices are called upon to improve the climate footprint of their events accordingly. Participating groups travelling to the event will avoid short-distance flights, and preference will be given to rail travel where possible. Transport will be reduced to the unavoidable minimum. Cargo bikes will be used for transports within a city, and electric vehicles for trips and transports within the festival. Sustainable or reusable materials become more important for stage design, props and technology. If artistically possible, LED spotlights will be used. Regional products are preferred for catering, and disposable tableware is excluded. With the support of a specialised agency, the organisers are in the process of examining the carbon footprint of their events and striving toward further improvements.