All festival venues are easily accessible by public transport. Within Erlangen, the main venues are only a few minutes’ walk from each other. The website provides links to maps as well as public transport to the selected performance to help you plan your visit. Due to the limited parking at most venues and for environmental reasons, we strongly recommend using public transport if possible.

By train

All four festival cities are easily accessible with Deutsche Bahn. The ICE Munich – Berlin stops in Nürnberg and Erlangen. Fürth can be reached from Nürnberg main station in a few minutes by local trains, tram or metro. Schwabach is 10 minutes away by local trains, or 20 minutes by tram.

Local Public Transport

Most tickets can be used for local public transport, effective from four hours prior to an event until the end of operation hours (including German Railway, second class, supplement-free trains, single round trip) in the entire VGN-Area (linked transport system for the Greater Nürnberg area). To take advantage of this feature when purchasing online Print@Home tickets, you must indicate the first and last name of each passenger during the ordering process. You will find an online link to the public transport system with a pre-set stop for each performance during the festival.

By car

Parking is limited at almost all venues. In Erlangen we strongly recommend the ‘Großparkplatz’ in the city centre, located between the Frankenschnellweg A 73 and the railway station. From there it is only a ten-minute walk to the festival centre. There are very few parking spaces available at the Tafelhalle and the Theater Salz+Pfeffer in Nürnberg. We recommend using public transport. In Fürth, the multi-storey car park at the Kulturforum and the City Center car park (Stadttheater) are conveniently located. The Schwabach City Museum has sufficient parking facilities.

By plane

For ecological reasons, we ask you to refrain from short-distance flights. If air travel is unavoidable, Nürnberg has an international airport which is directly connected to Nürnberg’s main railway station via underground line 2.