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Ein Mann in Hemd und Sakko steht neben einer kleinen Holzplattform, auf der zwei Erwachsenen- und eine Kinderpuppe stehen. Der Mann zeigt mit seiner rechten Hand auf die Frauenpuppe und guckt Richtung Kamera.
A man wearing a suit stands next to a small wooden platform on which two adult and one child doll are standing. The man points toward the female doll with his right hand, while looking at the viewer.
© Anna Kolata
A man with short curly hair looks expectantly to the side while a small rag doll with a beard and bushy eyebrows places it‘s right hand on the man's cheek.
© Anna Kolata
A young blond man, with a microphone pointed in his direction, plays the hang (musical instrument), while a man in the background holds a small doll in a yellow dress.
© Anna Kolata

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Sat 13 May
Markgrafentheater, Oberes Foyer