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Eine Frau sitzt vor schwarzem Hintergrund im Schneidersitz auf dem Boden und ist von Kartoffeln umkreist. Sie hält zwei Pflanzen in ihren Händen, streckt diese in die Höhe und sieht ihnen nach.
A woman is sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of a black background and is surrounded by potatoes. She’s holding two plants in her hands, stretches them up in the air and looks after them.
© INBAL/CITRU | Foto: Gabriel Morales
A stage with three people wearing suits. Two are standing next to each other toward the right edge of the image, while the third person is standing behind a desk to the left. Behind them, a schematic of a building is projected. In the center of the stage, some potatoes are arranged in a circle.
© INBAL/CITRU | Foto: Gabriel Morales
A woman wearing climbing gear is let down from the ceiling, hanging half a meter above the floor. A man is lying below her. They’re clasping their hands together while looking at each other.
© INBAL/CITRU | Foto: Gabriel Morales