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Ein Mann und eine gleich große, weiße Puppe halten sich gegenseitig an der Taille und legen ihre Stirnen aneinander. Hinter der Puppe steht eine Frau, die den Kopf der Puppe gegen den Kopf des Mannes drückt.
A man and a white doll of the same height hold each other by the waist and place their foreheads against each other. Behind the doll stands a woman who presses the doll's head against the man's.
© Markus Niessner
Two people dancing, holding out their hands to each other on a stage. Large additional limbs made of papier-mâché are attached to them.
© Markus Niessner
A woman sitting cross-legged on a stage, holding two huge papier-mâché breasts to her body.
© Markus Niessner