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Im Vordergrund sitzen eine große Frauenpuppe mit langen Nägeln und durchsichtigem Seidekleid, sowie eine ältere Männerpuppe mit Anzug. Hinter ihnen sitzt ein schwarz gekleideter Mann, der beide Puppen spielt.
In the foreground sits a big feminine puppet with long nails and a transparent silk dress, as well as an older masculine puppet with a suit. Behind them is a man dressed in black controlling both puppets.
© Benjamin Eichler
A man wearing an apron and a vendor's tray, that has four jugs of beer placed on it, controls two caricatured human puppet with his hands. Behind him sits another man with an apron, next to whom lies a cello.
© Benjamin Eichler
Close-up of a focused middle-aged man playing a grotesque human puppet.
© Benjamin Eichler
The performance will be presented with audio inscription. Before the performance there will be an introductory talk and stage tour for visually impaired audiences at 5 pm.

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Wed 17 May
Kulturforum Fürth – Große Halle