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Fünf Leute befinden sich auf einer stark zugemüllten Bühne. Sie stehen auf verschiedenen Möbeln und Gegengenständen, halten allerlei Objekte in die Höhe und schreien. Hinter ihnen sind mehrere Menschen in orangener Warnschutzkleidung.
Five people can be seen on a heavily cluttered stage. They are standing on various pieces of furniture and objects, holding up all kinds of objects and shouting. Behind them are several people in orange high-visibility gear.
© Anja Beutler
A woman with a clear plastic jacket and her face covered is sitting inside of a small, black, plastic tub. The area around her is heavily littered with bottles and old furniture. A man wearing a gas mask can be seen playing the  guitar in the background.
© Anja Beutler
Two people on a dimly lit and cluttered stage. One has his head inside a pillow case, which is filled with colorful flower necklaces. The other is holding a reflective plastic sheet and leaning to the side.
© Anja Beutler