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Drei Leute auf einem schwarzen Ledersofa. Sie halten zwei Puppen so vor sich, dass sich diese gegenseitig ansehen. Hinter ihnen steht erhöht eine Gruppe von Puppen.
Three people on a black leather sofa. They’re holding two puppets, which are looking at each other. Behind them, multiple puppets stand on an elevated surface.
© Joerg Brüggemann
Several puppets with slate hats are lined up on a table covered with red fabric. Behind them stands a man disappearing into the shadows. A man enters the picture from the left, controlling a ghost-like, human-sized hand puppet.
© Joerg Brüggemann
Three people on a dark stage, each holding a bearded puppet wearing a red, pointed cap. Multiple items, like a bucket, a cleaning rag and a latern are propped up on a table between them.
© Joerg Brüggemann

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Sun 21 May